Below Zero
Frozen Treats

Event Carts & Rentals from Below Zero Frozen Treats

We have a large fleet of 40 ice cream carts available to serve events of all sizes.

Our carts offer our customers the ability to serve ice cream ANYWHERE, ANYTIME! Why? Our carts require no electricity. Once delivered, they will hold your ice cream for 6 - 12 hours, depending on how long the lid remains open. Our carts always bring fun and excitement to any event they are at.

The number of ice cream bars each cart will hold varies. We allocate event carts based on the quantity of ice cream bars ordered and whether the event is indoors or outdoors.

When you purchase the minimum-required ice cream order, we will waive the rental fees for the cart. We deliver all ice cream orders in carts to your event location. Please note that delivery charges are based from our warehouse in Mississauga.

Operating the ice cream cart is very easy to do, and you will be provided a brief explanation beforehand. Please remember to "RING THE BELLS" and put up the umbrella.

If you would like to rent our carts on a daily, weekly or seasonal basis, please contact us today. We have had many clients want to put their own logo, signs or wrap on the carts. We encourage you to promote your brand or event.
Large Event Carts
• Two service lids
• 500-800 bars
• Indoors or outdoors
• Easily moved on flat surfaces
• Castor wheels
Small Event Carts
• One service lid
• 100-400 bars
• Indoors or outdoors
• Easily moved on any surface
• All castors or with 2 bicycle
Ice Cream Tricycle Cart
• One service lid
• 100-500 bars
• Great for events
• Easily moved on flat surfaces
• Tricycle, 2 wheels at front